Marvina Babs-Apata

Marvina Ese Babs-Apata was elected to the Board on the 1st of December 2013 as Project Director.  Marvina is the new  lady on the block who has set a high bar by having the stated  aim of inspiring life changing community cohesion  projects  for NCL, in the bid to showcase our charity as inclusive, diverse and full of culture and heritage.She comes from a background that is unique and distinctive from other previous Project Directors.  She is Prince 2 Certified  with a  track record of skilfully planning and managing BME based projects, hiring and training efficient cross functional teams, and generating exceptional and creative ideas on project delivery.Marvina is responsible for managing a community development project called Angel of youths which works to support young adults age 16-30 based in Leeds  to give back to the community.In addition to this Marvina  has extensive knowledge of the BME Community in Leeds, with considerable understanding of challenging racism and other forms of discrimination. The foundation for her success lies in her  talent and passion for project management. As a highly motivated person  Marvina views operational problems as organisational challenges and opportunities waiting to be discovered.She is reknowned  for her energy, fresh ideas and a different way of thinking. She is determined to guide NCL to achieve its full potential.

Marvina considers it a true honour, to have the opportunity to contribute to the continued progress and development of NCL as a successful charity.