The supplementary School of Nigerian Community Leeds (EXCEL @ NCL) started on Saturday 7th of July 2007. It currently runs at Richmond hill community centre at Long Close Lane, Leeds, LS9 8NP from 12-2pm every term time Saturday.

The objectives of the EXCEL @ NCL are:

  • To Provide peer support for children ‘new’ to Education in UK and those achieving below parental and teachers’ expectations in schools.
  • To provide specific education for self-identity using Mother tongue, music, dance and story-telling
  • To introduce Basic Life Skills, Finance Skills and citizenship education to lay a solid foundation for social development
  • To help prepare pupils for SATs and GCSE in Maths, English & Science
  • To help bridge the gap in learning among people of African descent
  • Holiday Sports, Art & Culture workshops with Education day trips

The achievements of EXCEL@NCL in the last 3-4yrs include:

  • Lessons in core subject classes
  • Help with preparation for SATS
  • Dancing and Drumming workshops,
  • Tie and Dye workshops,
  • African Story books library – over 100 novels for all ages
  • Yoruba and Hausa classes, other teachers still being sought
  • Children’s NCL 10th Anniversary Party
  • Sporting activities especially Badminton
  • In 2008/9 supplementary school for pupils in Primary and secondary school continued.

Excel @ NCL and children’s day

NCL children’s day has been a successful event. Thank you for your support.IMG_20140524_121127 IMG_20140524_142056IMG_20140524_151326More to come…..